About Sheryl

At first glance, being a sheep doesn’t’ sound like something to brag about. I think it all depends on the shepherd. When I first chose the name it was because I had just closed my yarn shop. I was no longer the “top sheep” in my little flock of knitters and crocheters. I was now going to buy yarn at retail just like everyone else. Thus…just one of the sheep. I crack myself up on a regular basis.

But, as the blog content took on a life of its own, it became about my life in general. Instead of changing the blog name (my usual technique), I pondered the name for a broader meaning. As I looked at my life in totality, I realized that I had stumbled upon the perfect “brand.” I am a sheep and my shepherd is Jesus. I know His voice and and I strive to follow His example to love others and love God with my heart, soul and mind. After that, everything else just seems to fall into place.

Now, I want to say that if you are not a Christian, don’t worry, you won’t find preaching here. That’s not who I am, but I don’t hide my light either. Who I am and my perspective comes from my faith and my Savior. I’m a human screw up machine, but I don’t let that define me. Or at least that is my goal.

I love my family and just want to live a simple life. I love to decorate my home, cook, crochet, make yarn, play with my dog, my grandkids and friends. I love to read, write and watch television. I dream of living in a small town in a vintage home (I’m working on that). I wish I lived somewhere with four seasons, but I’ll settle for visiting New England in the fall. I start more things than I finish. I dream more than I do. I wish the world were a little less mean and crazy. I can’t control that last one; but what I can do is live my life in a manner that I wish ruled the world and maybe, just maybe, it will be contagious.

So, welcome, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and let’s visit.